Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Change of Plans!

Last Wed when I weighed in, the scale said the EXACT same thing as the picture posted below!!!! That really discouraged me!!!! & I knew, from others posts that I did NOT win the contest!! Congrats to Taber, who did win tho!!! So I took the rest of last week off-from Wed-Sun! Then yesterday (Monday) I started Weigh Watchers! That is what I did last year and lost almost 30lbs, so that is what I am doing again!!! My weigh-in yesterday morning, was again, the exact same, so starting next Monday, I will post my weekly weigh-ins again!

Friday, January 13, 2012


Ok, so I guess my last blog was all a lie!! LOL I am still doing ok on what I am eating, I just am not taking pictures anymore! I had a bunch of them taken and ready to go on the blog, but once I got almost a week behind, and px piled up on my phone and in my email, I just gave up!!

This weeks weigh-in results:

After seeing that on Wednesday, its has been hard to keep doing good!! Up a half a pound!! I know it was because last weekend we had our kids' bday party and I didnt really pay attention to what I was eating, but its so hard when you dont see any accomplishment, to keep going! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

I am still going to blog at least once a week, near weight in day, to keep everybody up on how Im doing! Im not giving up, Im not giving up, IM NOT GIVING UP!!!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

So Behind-No time!

I am soo behind on this!! But had our kids' Bday party this weekend, so been really busy! Dont really have time right now to post my next days food, either! But just wanted to let everyone know, I have not given up!! I have all (well most) of my food pictures!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 8 (1/4/12)

This was weight in day!!!! (Again, Im a couple days behind in blogging, and pry wont get yesterdays up yet today, but maybe!) So here is my weigh in pic!

WOOHOO!! That is 9.5 lbs that are not not on my body anymore!!! I was (and am) sooo pumped!!!

& here's my food for the day!


Some greek yogurt with Peaches on the bottom and some granola for the top & my coffee!


Went to one of the local restaurants on my lunch break w some other girls and had this crispy chicken salad. It was tomatoes and some cheese on it (other than the chicken, of course). I had French dressing on it as well!

Afternoon Snack:

I was giving my kids their snack, and Goldfish sounded good, so I had some!


For supper I had put some chicken breasts in the crockpot and BBQ Sauce mixture over top. I had this HUGE pile of peas and just a lil serving of the pasta!
That supper really filled me up, because I def. didnt even think about having a nighttime snack! I, again, met my water quota for day! YAY ME!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 7 (1/3/12)

Last day of the first week!! Phew! Thats always the hardest to get under my belt! (or out of my belt actually-LOL!!) Again, it was an easy day, I ate something with some protein for breakfast, and was not hungry again til almost mid afternoon. So I just had a late lunch, and no afternoon snack either!


Here is breakfast, finally with some protein-Im learning!! HEHE It's Smart One with egg whites and some cheese, and potatoes w/ peppers. & of course, my coffee!


This is that Lean Pocket Pretzel Bread Sandwich, again. This is the inside of it this time-looks yummy!! (Tasted yummy, too!)


This is my tuna melt! The tuna did have a lil bit of Miracle Whip and not top is some avocado, onion and a 1/4 C shredded cheese! DELISH!!

Nighttime Snack:

I did so much around the house after getting the kids to bed, I worked off that tuna melt and was hungry before bed again! This is what I had-& just one!! (My husband doesnt understand how this helps at all, he says it would just make him hungrier! LOL)

Again, water intake was completed!! 100oz!!!! Maybe soon, I will be able to lower that amount too, since the pounds are coming off!! Tomorrow morning is weigh in day! :-)

Day 6 (1/2/12)

A little late at posting this, so I dont really have much to say about the day! But here are my photos!


Here it is again! LOL All I had again, today, because there were left-overs from  yesterdays lunch!


Skipped the morning snack again, also! Went the grocery store and got some biscuits to have the creamed sausage over today-YUM! I had to servings like thise-YIKES! But, o, well-its done & over with!

Afternoon Snack:

Some Wheat Thins!


This is a much better pic this time! Exactly the same, tho-tomatoes, onion, avocado, some carrots, and Fat Free Poppy Seed Dressing!

(We have 2 2yr olds in the house remember!!) Some Mac N Cheese & hotdogs! I had the smallest lil serving of it and I was stuffed after it!
Nighttime Snack:
Guess what?!?!?! I did NOT have a nighttime snack!!! YAY me!!!

The water intake again was 100oz!!!!! I am doing awesome!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 5 (1/1/12)

I had another pretty easy-going day! I think I got this! Because once I start back to work, and back on a regular schedule, things should go even smoother! Pretty much every Sunday evening, we go out to my Grandma's house for supper. She does very good at making sure she has lots of fruits and veggies around when I am watching what I eat, but I was a lil nervous this time, because I hadnt talked to her to tell her I started earlier than I had planned! But, she was prepared! YAY Grandma!!!


I stuck with JUST my Iced Coffee this morning, because I knew what I was planning on making for lunch! & yes, this is the same pic as the first day-it may be used a lot! ;-)


Yes, I also skipped a morning snack! Creamed sausage over toast!! I had these 2 pieces, then 1 more! Its just soooo goooood!!!!!!

Afternoon Snack:

My sister-in-law just had to bring her leftover pickle-wraps to Grandma's! Could not help myself, I had like 8 of these I believe!! 


Like I said-Grandma was prepared for me!! Started my supper with some radishes and a HUGE salad with low-fat or fat free (not sure which) Raspberry Vinegarette Dressing. 

I had a bunch of Brussel Sprouts (I believe 2 helpings about this size)! and the other is some weird salad that nobody else likes besides my Grandma & I....I dont even know how to explain it, but it pry was a lil fattening! But that is ALL I ate for supper!

Nighttime Snack:

Didnt keep it very healthy this time, but I had a bit of a sweet tooth, so I went for it!  Just a lil reward for how good I have been doing!
Again, forgot the pic of my water intake, but met my goal!! 100oz!!!