Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 8 (1/4/12)

This was weight in day!!!! (Again, Im a couple days behind in blogging, and pry wont get yesterdays up yet today, but maybe!) So here is my weigh in pic!

WOOHOO!! That is 9.5 lbs that are not not on my body anymore!!! I was (and am) sooo pumped!!!

& here's my food for the day!


Some greek yogurt with Peaches on the bottom and some granola for the top & my coffee!


Went to one of the local restaurants on my lunch break w some other girls and had this crispy chicken salad. It was tomatoes and some cheese on it (other than the chicken, of course). I had French dressing on it as well!

Afternoon Snack:

I was giving my kids their snack, and Goldfish sounded good, so I had some!


For supper I had put some chicken breasts in the crockpot and BBQ Sauce mixture over top. I had this HUGE pile of peas and just a lil serving of the pasta!
That supper really filled me up, because I def. didnt even think about having a nighttime snack! I, again, met my water quota for day! YAY ME!!!

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