Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 6 (1/2/12)

A little late at posting this, so I dont really have much to say about the day! But here are my photos!


Here it is again! LOL All I had again, today, because there were left-overs from  yesterdays lunch!


Skipped the morning snack again, also! Went the grocery store and got some biscuits to have the creamed sausage over today-YUM! I had to servings like thise-YIKES! But, o, well-its done & over with!

Afternoon Snack:

Some Wheat Thins!


This is a much better pic this time! Exactly the same, tho-tomatoes, onion, avocado, some carrots, and Fat Free Poppy Seed Dressing!

(We have 2 2yr olds in the house remember!!) Some Mac N Cheese & hotdogs! I had the smallest lil serving of it and I was stuffed after it!
Nighttime Snack:
Guess what?!?!?! I did NOT have a nighttime snack!!! YAY me!!!

The water intake again was 100oz!!!!! I am doing awesome!!!

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