Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 5 (1/1/12)

I had another pretty easy-going day! I think I got this! Because once I start back to work, and back on a regular schedule, things should go even smoother! Pretty much every Sunday evening, we go out to my Grandma's house for supper. She does very good at making sure she has lots of fruits and veggies around when I am watching what I eat, but I was a lil nervous this time, because I hadnt talked to her to tell her I started earlier than I had planned! But, she was prepared! YAY Grandma!!!


I stuck with JUST my Iced Coffee this morning, because I knew what I was planning on making for lunch! & yes, this is the same pic as the first day-it may be used a lot! ;-)


Yes, I also skipped a morning snack! Creamed sausage over toast!! I had these 2 pieces, then 1 more! Its just soooo goooood!!!!!!

Afternoon Snack:

My sister-in-law just had to bring her leftover pickle-wraps to Grandma's! Could not help myself, I had like 8 of these I believe!! 


Like I said-Grandma was prepared for me!! Started my supper with some radishes and a HUGE salad with low-fat or fat free (not sure which) Raspberry Vinegarette Dressing. 

I had a bunch of Brussel Sprouts (I believe 2 helpings about this size)! and the other is some weird salad that nobody else likes besides my Grandma & I....I dont even know how to explain it, but it pry was a lil fattening! But that is ALL I ate for supper!

Nighttime Snack:

Didnt keep it very healthy this time, but I had a bit of a sweet tooth, so I went for it!  Just a lil reward for how good I have been doing!
Again, forgot the pic of my water intake, but met my goal!! 100oz!!!

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