Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 4 (12/31)

Day 4, huh? I actually havent been struggling so far, and usually the first week is the hardest for me! I'm usually thinking I'm soo hungry all the time, just because I know I can't eat anything tasty! LOL But so far, so good-can only get easier, right?! I sure hope so! I think part of why its going easier, it because I am actually getting all my water that I need in, IN!!! YAY!!!

For NYE, we didnt do anything special. Had the kids in bed at their normal bedtime and watched a movie 'til midnight. Then we watched the ball drop and went to bed-didnt have a drink!! Which is really good, since the only thing I really like to drink is beer-so NOT good on a diet!


Here is my Iced Coffe, again-Like I said-EVERY AM!! And a Fiber One 90cal bar!
Morning Snack:

Some Pretzels-I did NOT eat all of these pretzels...about half of them. They are spicy pretzels that my Mom makes for Christmas every year-LOVE these things!


This is my lunch cooking....well getting heated anyway! It is a whole wheat tortilla, with a 1/2 serving of veggie cream cheese, sliced turkey, 1/4C of shredded Cheese, tomatoes, avocado, & onion.

The final was DELISH!!!!

Afternoon Snack:


Healthy Choice-Ziti w Marinara sauce and I added a lil Parmesan Cheese, like 1/2 a serving!

Nighttime Snack:

I shared some popcorn with my hubby while we watch 'Golden Eye' . There was no butter or salt, just a lil Parmesan Cheese on it!

 O, and my water intake-I reached my 100oz, just didnt get a pic taken of it! Pretty good day, if I do say so myself! LOL


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