Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 3 (12/30/11)

So I started this blog in the middle of the day yesterday, so some of px were taken after the fact, therefore, they dont show the portion size, or the food itself! It will be different from now on tho-I promise! I have also learned that I need to practice taking px on my phone! Some of them are waaay blurry!! I dont usually use my phone camera much, cuz Im never happy w the way the px look, but for this I thought it would be the easiest. Just snap the pic, send it to my email, and I will have it to work on my blog wherever I am! So here goes my first day of photographing my food! (Day 3 of my 'diet' tho)


My iced coffee, that I HAVE to have every morning! It is made with Skim milk, and just a little dribble of flavor!

Ok, so this was the last one of these in the freezer and I knew if I didnt just eat it, it would bug me ALL the time! But, now they're gone-no more temptation!!

Morning Snack:

I had 2 servings of Wheat Thins for my morning snack, which I had at more like lunch time! I took these to work with me, and since I dont eat breakfast til more about 9, Im not real hungry til about 11:30 or so.


This is a Lean Pocket Pretzel Bread Sandwich. It was pretty good, chicken and jalapeno, I believe!

Afternoon Snack:

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Laughing Cow Cheese and some Crackers-YUM!


This is THE worse pic in the world!! HAHA It is my salad that I ate before even taking any of the main course, which was really fattening tonight!! My salad has tomatoes, avocado, red onion and some carrots, with a fat free Poppy Seed dressing!

This was our horrible main course-delish, yes, full of fat-YES!!! It's called Tostitos Chilli Bake! This is what I took of it, because it's soooooo good, BUT...............

.....I was a good girl and did NOT finish it all!!! I was soooo FULL!! I was (& still am) pretty proud of myself! :)

 Nighttime Snack:


This is one, that I know, I shouldnt do at all, but I am always sooo hungry before bed! Pry just a habbit, but I feel as long as I keep it real healthy, it will be ok! Nutella & banana-LOVE Nutella!!

Water Intake:

I also had a lil extra water, because I finished my last bottle at supper time.

WOOO!!!!! There is my FIRST (third) day! HA-you know what I mean!

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  1. Good for you girl! Just remember that the night time snack (even if healthy) is not the best thing. Although, if you are going to do it, healthy is best of course. :) Keep going and I look forward to following your progress!