Friday, January 13, 2012


Ok, so I guess my last blog was all a lie!! LOL I am still doing ok on what I am eating, I just am not taking pictures anymore! I had a bunch of them taken and ready to go on the blog, but once I got almost a week behind, and px piled up on my phone and in my email, I just gave up!!

This weeks weigh-in results:

After seeing that on Wednesday, its has been hard to keep doing good!! Up a half a pound!! I know it was because last weekend we had our kids' bday party and I didnt really pay attention to what I was eating, but its so hard when you dont see any accomplishment, to keep going! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

I am still going to blog at least once a week, near weight in day, to keep everybody up on how Im doing! Im not giving up, Im not giving up, IM NOT GIVING UP!!!!!

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